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Invitation Round Dining Table
Model: 75407
76 000 р.
Ex Tax: 76 000 р.
Leeds Dining Table
Model: 109900
150 000 р.
Ex Tax: 150 000 р.
Pebble Beach Dining Table
Model: 108995
75 000 р.
Ex Tax: 75 000 р.
Rockstar by Geiss Coffee Table
Model: 22610
68 000 р.
Ex Tax: 68 000 р.
Stockholm Dining Table
Model: 106646
73 000 р.
Ex Tax: 73 000 р.
Taberna White Coffee Table
Model: 78041
72 000 р.
Ex Tax: 72 000 р.
Turner Dining Table
Model: 110661
95 000 р.
Ex Tax: 95 000 р.
Ungaro Dining Table
Model: 109177
81 000 р.
Ex Tax: 81 000 р.
Vanity Brown Coffee Table
Model: 78120
74 000 р.
Ex Tax: 74 000 р.

Perhaps, if we tell that the kitchen is a place where the woman carries out the fourth part of the life, all will agree. Therefore there is a wish that this room was the most comfortable and equipped. There are things without which just it is impossible to present kitchen: sink, plate, lockers, chairs and table. And we will also talk today about it. In Ukraine the kitchen tree table enjoys special popularity. Wooden constructions have great esthetic properties, at the expense of a qualitative covering well transfer moisture and changes of temperatures so you can not be afraid that hot dishes somehow influence a surface. It is also worth noting that due to use of environmentally friendly materials, models look very richly and weightily. If your kitchen is sustained in classical style, then to buy a wooden table in the color suitable for you will be an ideal solution. Also we bring to your attention folding option of wooden dining tables. It perfectly will approach those days when your house is filled by guests and will give the chance of all to place conveniently behind a meal. The price of such models is available to the buyer with average earnings. If your kitchen has big perimeter, then in it the rectangular dining table will be best of all to look. For rooms it is less where all elements of furniture are placed compactly, it is better to select round or oval models, and it is easier to bend around them and they look well. If the interior of kitchen is executed in styles hi-tech, then the glass dining table will be a true find!

It is possible to buy a kitchen table in online store, without using the special efforts. Our website has so convenient interface that through several clicks by a mouse before your eyes there will be "sea" of interesting and stylish models before which it is simply impossible to keep well. Selecting model, you need to be guided not only by its appearance and material of which it is made, but also on its size. Therefore it is the best of all to measure the area in advance in kitchen which will be taken away under placement of the acquired furniture. All products offered by us have a quality assurance so you can be sure of reliability and long term of goods. Getting from us, you save time and money, hurry up to make the choice!