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Atlantis Dark Grey Chair
Model: 79534
25 000 р.
Ex Tax: 25 000 р.
Atomic Black Chair
Model: 79981
35 000 р.
Ex Tax: 35 000 р.
Aurora White Chair
Model: 73937
15 000 р.
Ex Tax: 15 000 р.
Bermuda Chair
Model: 108947
47 000 р.
Ex Tax: 47 000 р.
Bucket Cow Chair
Model: 79122
44 000 р.
Ex Tax: 44 000 р.
Casual Rhythm Teal Chair
Model: 78926
35 000 р.
Ex Tax: 35 000 р.
Cintura Purple Ring Chair
Model: 76237
34 000 р.
Ex Tax: 34 000 р.
Contract Louis Silver Chair
Model: 79003
42 000 р.
Ex Tax: 42 000 р.
Double Bubble Red Chair
Model: 77172
16 000 р.
Ex Tax: 16 000 р.

The kitchen is a special place in the house (apartment). Exactly here we got used to gather all family or with friends at supper or a tea drinking. In order that the kitchen was cozy and comfortable, it is necessary to give preference to qualitative modern furniture. It is considered that the main table furniture element the table, but it not always so is considered. With functions of a table everything is simple – it serves as a surface for placement of tableware and, actually, dishes. And here tree chairs play a little large role. The first what it is necessary to pay attention to before buying chairs lunch is their "udobnost". If you plan to use these furniture elements daily, then choose wooden chairs with soft sitting, and it is better also with a soft back. Thus, the maximum relaxation, and also comfort is provided during meal or a meeting with guests. The upholstery of soft parts of furniture products can be absolutely different. Everything depends on your personal preferences. So, for example, it is possible to buy wooden chairs with an upholstery from leatherette which advantage is moisture resistance and simplicity of leaving. The details upholstered with leatherette easily give in to cleaning with damp fabric or a napkin. Such options for obvious reasons perfectly will be suitable for those who have small children.

Not the last role is played by a framework, to be exact material of which it is made. On durability not the last place is taken by a chair lunch wooden. The tree was always considered as high-strength and reliable material. But it is necessary to remember that wooden furniture products "are afraid" of high humidity. It is possible to replace chairs wooden with metal. All know that metal is one of the strongest materials. Designs from metal also differ in high reliability. If you choose apartment or house chairs, then high humidity as it does not threaten. Therefore it is possible to get safely any option which to you to liking. Wooden furniture products differ in unique warm texture and the natural drawing which differs in uniqueness. Also, It should be noted that wood is perfectly combined with any material used in an interior. Also models in which the framework is made of the chromeplated metal enjoy high popularity, and soft sitting as it was mentioned above, can be upholstered with leatherette. the products offered by us have a quality assurance so you can be sure of reliability and long term of goods. Getting from us, you save time and money, hurry up to make the choice!